Ajay (pronounce / eɪ jay), born in India, rocked through the music clubs of New Delhi and Mumbai in the 70s when he was a student of English literature. Rock musicians from the West, including Jimmy Page and Don Cherry, who were on tour in India or looking for enlightenment, joined Ajay on the stage for almost endless sessions that lasted through the night. In the 80s and 90s, Ajay celebrated success in his European home of Switzerland with his rock group 'Mainstreet'. The group had an impressive four singles and two albums in the top 20 Swiss radio charts, month-long club power play in Tokyo's Hard Rock Cafe and on various European radio stations all following on the heels of sold-out tours across Europe. With 'A Matter of Time' – his first album since his days with Mainstreet – Ajay has created a collection of visionary songs that are a tribute to his talent as a singer/ songwriter and musician. The album is a culmination of many years of songwriting and the dedication of several masterful musicians – including Ajay's close friend and renowned blues guitarist Richard Koechli – who have each added their own unique touch to the music.

Whether it's 'Granted' a statement about neglect in relationships, 'Making a Fool Out of Me' a bash at the inability to commit, 'Taking the Night Away' a piece of hope in times of political struggle against social injustice and isolation, 'Communicate' a love song about getting closer, 'Rise and Shine' a tribute to the confusion and difficulty of growing up or the title song 'A Matter of Time' which combines Ajay's Indian background with his European roots, it is difficult to pick a favorite. Together, the album's songs tell stories that listeners can relate to – they are about the everyday life of an adult, about living on the edge, about love and scorn, about friendship and betrayal. Individually, each song stands out on its own.

Genre Adult Contemporary, Rock, AAA, Americana, Singer/Songwriter

Awards Granted – Song of the year 2011 competition runner up Communicate – Show Me the Music 2011 songwriting contest finalist

'A Matter of Time' is available in local record stores and on,, iTunes Store,,,,,,, and many others. Search for 'Ajay Mathur' or 'A Matter of Time'

“[Ajay's] music is as exciting as the light at the end of a tunnel and unforgettable as a lost winning lottery ticket". – Linus Vitka, bass player

"Ajay's songs, a tantalizing mix between edgy, earthy and easy, are refreshingly different, absolutely unique." – Mary Lou, published author and poet


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