"One never quite knows how instrumental songs get their names. Does it conjure up a certain image in the creator’s mind prompting them to name it so? No matter the name or idea behind it, Rhythm of Mars does a stand up job on their instrumental compositions released last July on their first CD, "Romancing The Snake". The trio from Arkansas has a goal of getting their music onto TV show and movie soundtracks, and I could certainly see that happening.   If the terms ‘ambient’ and ‘instrumental’ lead you to believe this music will lull you to sleep, think again. It demands to be listened to. Aaron Straub plays electric guitar with passion and conviction and it blends beautifully with Patti Unruh’s keys, percussion and string mastery. With combined influences of Santana and Yanni, you can imagine how awesome this music is. It manages to be soothing and engaging at the same time. The guitar work gives the listener that same unexplainable urge and utter appreciation that comes over them while listening to the end of (or any part of, really) “Stairway to Heaven.”    The ambience is relaxing and commands admiration for the resplendent musicianship these two display track after track. Rhythm of Mars reminds me of a slightly gentler version of Long Distance Calling. They produce music that is universal and can transcend genre boundaries. While I still can’t connect any of the titles to the songs, it doesn’t matter. This music would sound just as fantastic coming through your laptop speakers as it would a backdrop to the silver screen. I give this Amazing Trio 5 STARS!  Key Tracks- All   Christen LaFond – Assistant Editor/Staff Development July 8, 2011   ©    For Questions Or Comments About This Review Send An Email To               2011 Established 1998. All rights reserved.  RHYTHM OF MARS  - Our Reverb Nation Weekly Featured Artist Genres: Rock / Ambient / Instrumental Management: Patti Unruh   The music of Rhythm of Mars can create the imagery you desire, all you have to do is sit back and absorb their hauntingly beautiful sounds. It can be the soundtrack of your life or a movie that plays inside your head. Words are not necessary for such excellent musicianship and tasteful music. You can go to Mars or anywhere else with this band! -- Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck,   

Style: instrumental

Label: self-released
Year: 2011

Members: Patti Unruh ~ keyboards
Aaron Straub ~ guitar
Mike Bailey ~ bass/percussionist

It's not often when I describe a rock group in terms of being reminiscent of new age composer Yanni. Actually, it's very much a rarity. Yet, ROM indeed reminds me of Yanni at times (for example, "Forbidden Dance", "Vague Impression", "Moonlite Bliss", "Romancing The Snake"). This studio only trio is made up of a classical pianist, electric rock guitarist & occasional drummer-percussionist who is also their engineer. The outcome is a modest little rock group that self-confesses to playing with a strong new age inclination, with a focus on soundtrack ambiance. The music moves between a focus on rock guitar lead lines - its a welcome break that there's no riffing as instrumental bands like to relying on - to relaxing piano progressions, often with a light percussive beat & synthesizer deep in the mix for texture. Most of the time the songs are driven by the guitar, though "Forbidden Dance" is only an acoustic sounding piano with synthesizers & occasionally tinkling chimes. But, the group really take things up a notch on the enchanting highlights "Romancing the Snake" & "Rain Ethereal" where the piano & guitar have equal time driving the song. ROM is not about fast or overly technical playing. Even when the drums are present the pace is still more on the laid back side. What ROM are is textured & romantic. This is the group's first album with a desire to do soundtrack commissions.

  Aaron Joy's Roman Midnight Music Blog


“Hearing Rhythm Of Mars music created lush visuals inside my head. ”

Not all bands are created by a bunch of teenage boys yearning to be rock stars and play at Madison Square Garden. In today’s society there is music everywhere from TV commercials, to film scores, to elevators, and it is usually not these prepubescent boys that make it. Sometimes the strangest meetings end up creating the most original music to fill these needs. One such story is that of the group that calls themselves Rhythm Of Mars. The chance meeting of guitar virtuoso Aaron Straub and classical pianist Patti Unruh has developed into a musical juggernaut of talent focused on writing instrumental pieces for film soundtracks and similar situations. These two surprising songwriting partners have now teamed up with recording engineer, musician and IndyGo Studio owner Mike Bailey in Fayetteville, AR. He provides the technical recording expertise and rhythm section to bring the music together as a finished piece. The Rhythm Of Mars trio recently released Beyond Dreams, an 8 song album featuring an eclectic mix of songs composed with the hopes of picking up some soundtrack selections or publishing opportunities. It is indeed beautiful background music. The musical talent of all three individuals within the band is what jumps out at me right away. From the piano lines to the high pitched guitar wails this is a sound that I could see behind many different types of visual stimulation. One song that struck me was the sensual ‘Allie’s Song’ with its impressive guitar work over a straight ahead, almost simple sounding piano beat. ‘Spanish Flyze’ reaches out for a different kind of audience with a slow building piano line accompanied by some Spanish influenced guitar note bending. Intriguing to say the least. Bottom line: They must be doing something right because just hearing their music created lush visuals in my head. Their style is perfect for what they are going after. Go listen for yourself


Keith Pro,  The Indie Band Guru





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 RHYTHM OF MARS - Romancing The Snake


(S/R - 2011)
Didn’t know planets actually possessed or had a rhythm, other than a circular jaunt around the big orange ball a couple of times a day.  This Arkansas instrumental outfit certainly don’t go round in circles, surprising us with a different thing each lap of the album’s eight. Taking up the rains of classic rock institutions Deep Purple, Jethro Tull and Yes while sat on a Dream Theater sled, Patti, Aaron and Mike proceed to layer on slabs of classical instrumentation into the middle like a meticulously applied sandwich filling and the end result is highly appetizing.  Keyboard and Guitar experimentation has rarely sounded this unpretentious as they play only what fits and allow the other elements their chance.  R.O.M makes very sweet music for 40 minutes and quits too soon, this being one of few instrumental albums I would have loved to last twice as long.  Definitely worth hearing - you might indeed duly coax that titular reptile out to a dinner date with a couple of spins. 
By Dave Attrill





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"Behold the trippy aura of Rhythm Of Mars!  Bold, extra-terrestrial sounds and harmonies emit from your speakers, first note to last on their terrifically produced 8 song EP.  Sharp guitar solos play delicately over carefully orchestrated keyboard work creating ethereal gems destined for chill radio and beyond."  A&R SELECT Review Dept.,  West Hollywood, CA   (June 01, 2011)


"The music of Rhythm of Mars can create the imagery you desire, all you have to do is sit back and absorb their hauntingly beautiful sounds.  It can be the soundtrack of your life or a movie that plays inside your head.  Words are not necessary for such excellent musicianship and tasteful music.  You can go to Mars or anywhere else with this band!"   Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck




"RHYTHM OF MARS is a 3-piece band from Springdale AR, and they sent me their CD "Romancing The Snake", which is a high quality instrumental melodic progressive rock album.  The band takes you on a journey throughout 8 lovely instrumentals that will please any fan of classic '70s bands such as Rush, Yes, Starcastle, Kansas, etc…You will always wonder how good it would be if vocals were added, but in this case the 3 members of RHYTHM OF MARS create some beautiful melodies with the help of their instruments (guitar, keys, synths, etc.) and will impress any prog or should I say Symphonic Rockfan, because the band is actually a pure Symphony-Based band!  It is quite a pleasure to listen to such wonderfully created music, and to wonder how many more of such quality independent bands are still out there, waiting to be discovered..."   -Gabor Kleinbloesem, editor of Strutter'zine magazine from Holland (July 21, 2011)  Visit this magazine's website at:






 Rhythm of Mars releases “Romancing the Snake” to rave reviews

July 11, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Free Release

Splash Press Release (Press Release) – Jul 11, 2011

Rhythm of Mars
Patti Unruh, a classical pianist and Aaron Straub, a virtuoso guitarist met 4 years ago via an odd circumstance. They became friends and realized that they had a lot in common with their musical backgrounds. Patti went to University of Arkansas and University of Oklahoma in the early 709’s on music scholarships. She was a guest pianist for the Tulsa Jr. Philharmonic Orchestra in 1970 and did other venues until started a family in 1980. Aaron on the other hand is a guitar savant who has played in bands and composed an album for the band Without a Whisper in 2006. In September of 2010, they joined forces for the first time and the results were musical magic. Their decision to compose some music for possible soundtracks led them to Recording Engineer, Musician and IndyGo Studio owner Mike Bailey in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Patti and Aaron composed all the songs then returned to Mike for technical recording expertise. Mike also plays all the percussion on each track and the bass on the single “Mestengo” and “Inner Alien”. Now a trio, they have composed and recorded 8 songs together.
The EP title is “Romancing the Snake” with a plethora of singles that grasp the energy, texture and technical excellence of this group. The meaning behind the name of this EP, along with the lead single which bares the same name, describes the way the guitar ‘snakes around’ the piano. This is Rhythm of Mars’ signature sound which is creates a very unique sound. Every one of the tracks on this EP is diverse, layered in sound and in quality which clearly demonstrate the skill behind each member. The arrangements and recordings are outstanding with beautiful fusion of acoustic instruments and electronics.
Initially this “Romancing the Snake” was released with 6 songs. The newest version has 2 additional songs added on. You can call these compositions instrumental rock. I call them genius.
• The single “Rain”, which is an upbeat percussion, overload which signifies the beginning of a rain storm then progresses into harder rain and harder sound, was chosen for a Tribute Album to be released on July 20th through The Pick with Austin Foundation. This is a charity in the memory of a teen guitarist Alan Curley who committed suicide last October. You can go to for more details.
• The single “Romancing the Snake” was chosen through Music Xray by Sean Guerrier De Bey for a World Live Music compilation album where proceeds will go to one of the major health charities to be named in the future.
• The single “Forbidden Dance” is currently wanted by a music publisher and for Radio Play on Women of Substance Radio – both found through Music Xray.

At this time, Rhythm of Mars is focusing on licensing and publishing their compositions for film/TV soundtracks along with radio play.
You can listen to and/or purchase their music by logging onto any digital storefront along with the following websites:
Rhythm of Mars is currently working with A & R Select based in West Hollywood, Ca. for licensing, publishing, a record deal and/or placement opportunities. For additional information, please contact them at:


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 On July 20, 2011 a Tribute CD from the Pick With Austin charity was released to the world.  This CD was made in memory of Alan Carter Villaruz-Curley, a teen guitarist who took his own life October 2010.  It's a 15 track disc and our song RAIN is #3!  We are honored to contribute our music for such a worthy charity that helps educate community awareness about the growing epidemic of teen depression and suicide in the U.S.  Please visit:


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